Dimitry Aguilar-Audi SQ5 driver

About Dimitry Aguilar

Hometown: Parkland, Florida

Tell us about the car you currently drive: Audi SQ5. I spend a lot of time with the car it's my hobby and my way of relaxing. While I do modifications or repairs I film the process and share what I've learned so others can follow along.

Name some of the cars you have had in the past. Name your favorite: First car 1981 Chevy Malibu Classic 4 door in light blue with double limo tint on the windows. I had this car throughout high school and a few years into my adult life.

3 interesting facts about you: Double jointed in both my arms and legs! I run multiple social media accounts on Instagram! (kind of my job!) More people know who my car is than me! Every show I attend without him no matter which state, I have at least 5 people asking where Charles is!

Your go-to song in the car: 2 Step (Remix) -UNK, T-Pain, JIm Jones, E-40

Craziest thing you've seen on the road: A moose head butting a car