Patrick Lawson-Tesla Model X 2016 driver

About Patrick Lawson:

HometownBergen County, New Jersey

Tell us about the car you currently drive: Tesla Model X 2016 with a 422 stroker motor, long tube american racing headers, two pulley setup and various other mods to make the car leave rubber on the ground at highway speeds :) soon to have a whipple supercharger added to the mix as well

Name some of the cars you have had in the past. Name your favorite1994 civic hatchback, 2006 Infiniti g35 coupe, 2013 Buick regal gs, 2014 civic si sedan, 2015 mustang gt, 2016 charger scatpack, 2017 charger hellcat

3 interesting facts about you: I'm absolutely devoted and obsessed with my family, especially my seven month old daughter Savannah. I sell insurance and it's the most boring answer to any question about my career. I'm infatuated and dedicated to detailing so much so that clean cars in an unhealthy obsession.

Your go-to song in the car: Recently Ryan Caraveo - Ghost but my music listening is VERY random and wide spread based sometimes on the time of the day but mostly on my mood lol

Craziest thing you've seen on the road:

I've seen it all from multiple car accidents, people jumping from moving vehicles, police chases and streakers but the worst was a speeding car on the sidewalk and pedestrians jumping out of the way narrowly avoiding death.